How much does a private investigation cost?

Reputable agencies require that you post a retainer fee upon contract. The retainer fee is based on location, the type of case, and the estimated time required to accomplish all the objectives ordered by the client. We provide specific quotes and hourly rates upon every consultation.
How do I know that my investigation will be kept confidential?
It is the policy of our company and we are bound by confidentiality to never reveal the identity of our client to any second parties without the explicit, written authorization by the client. The obvious exception to this rule is that we will follow any legal directives, subpoenas, or court orders requiring us to unseal the case file.
How long does it take to activate a case?
In most cases, if the client is available to be screened, a case can be activated within 24 hours.
Can I follow my spouse/employee/business partner and do my own detective work?
Such activities are frequently perceived by the courts as stalking and in many cases result in a restraining order prohibiting further contact. The preferred method would be to hire a reputable, professional investigator who can obtain physical evidence and video as well as provide witness testimony.
Does your company provide background checks on individuals?
We do provide background checks for clients who have been properly screened, meet all requirements, and who have an active agreement for investigative services.
Can your company provide surveillance and video evidence that is admissible in court?
Yes. It is the policy of our company to build your case based on legitimate, courtroom worthy evidence and testimony.
Does your company sell search services online?

No. We provide investigative services exclusively to clients who have formally retained our services by executing a written agreement for services.
We have an employee that we believe is stealing from the company?
We perform fraud investigations and deploy an array of different skill sets to uncover such activities. You may also wish to consider hiring an investigator to perform undercover operations to catch the thief.
Can your company obtain my spouses/employee/business partner telephone and cellular phone records without them knowing about it?
No. Our company policies prohibit us from acquiring, selling, or providing telephone records to any individuals or entities. Any such records should be obtained through the normal process of legal discovery.
Does your agency provide VIP services for celebrities?
We offer special VIP packages for high profile individuals and celebrities.
My spouse/business partner is hiding money from me and refuses to tell me where it is. Can your company locate the money for me?

Our company policies prohibit us from acquiring, selling, or providing 3rd party financial information. Any such records should be obtained through the normal process of legal discovery. We do however conduct legal asset investigations.
Can your company get into spouse’s house/office/car and plant a listening device for me?
No. This action will violate numerous local, state, and Federal laws. We can, however discuss services for such options for property which you maintain ownership.
Can you record what my spouse/employee/partner does on the computer/internet?
There are several software applications that can perform this task. Currently, we are unaware of any local, state, or federal law that prohibits the installation of such software on private property. Be advised that installing such software on a work computer may have several layers of legal complexity. It is advised that you consult legal counsel before pursuing such an endeavor.
Can you follow my business competitors and obtain a record of their business contacts and collect inside information about the company's business ventures?
No. It is our professional opinion that such activity falls under the category of Corporate Espionage. We encourage you to seek legal counsel as due diligence before contracting anyone to perform such activities. We do, however offer services that fall under violation of non-compete contracts, etc. We can assist in this area.
Can you obtain someone's driving record for me?
Each state has different laws which govern obtaining this information. Contact us and we can discuss this with you.

Can you help us recover our runaway teenager?
Yes, we have recovered many runaways.
Can you track where my spouse goes each day?
We use sophisticated GPS Tracking Devices and provide a report indicating whereabouts.

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