Legal Investigative Services
While attorneys have many tools to build a winning case, a skilled investigator can be one of your firm's most valuable assets. There is no substitute for experienced investigators with "boots on the ground". A skilled investigator can assist with everything from witness locates and interviews, asset investigations, finding people and information, photographing crash scenes, due diligence investigations, locating heirs, crisis management, process service, etc.


With our unrivaled training, knowledge and expertise, The Premiere Group, Inc., is highly effective when it comes to surveillance.  We utilize state of the art equipment and have a high success ratio in the field when conducting insurance and domestic surveillance.  No two surveillance cases are alike and we take the time to understand your needs and ensure that the investigation and surveillance is conducted exactly as requested. At the conclusion of the case, a professional and detailed report is provided to you along with the video footage obtained.

Individual Clients
In addition to providing services for the legal, insurance and corporate community, we also provide investigative services to the individual. We conduct nanny background checks, eldercare background checks, pre-marital investigations as well as locating lost loved ones or assisting in runaway cases.  The list goes on.

The dictionary defines investigation as, “a searching inquiry for ascertaining facts or a detailed and careful examination”. This is precisely what The Premiere Group, Inc., accomplishes with each and every investigation. Details are scrutinized and the facts are reported in a concise and timely manner. 

The dictionary defines surveillance as, “close observation of a person or group, especially one under suspicion or the act of observing or the condition of being observed”.  Again, The Premiere Group, Inc., delivers a quality product when it comes to surveillance cases.  With the utilization of state of the art equipment and the accompanying investigator expertise, we are able to deliver outstanding results without compromising the confidentiality of the assignment. 



· Background Investigations
· Personal Injury Investigations
· Corporate Intelligence
· Asset Determination and Location
· Loss Prevention
· Intellectual Property Investigations
· Skip Tracing/Locating Witnesses, etc.
· Comprehensive Interviews/Statements
· Surveillance
· Medical Malpractice
· Executive Protection
· Accident Scene Investigations
· Process Service
· State of the Art Vehicle Tracking Devices
· Extensive Database Searches
· Photography and Videography